Capter CLI

Run your tests anywhere

The Capter CLI works great both locally and in CI – and it runs on Linux, OSX and Windows.

npm install capter --save-dev

Create a test

Adding tests is incredibly fast. Create your own to get started, or run the command below:

$ capter init
name: users
- name: create user
url: POST ${{ env.URL }}
- !expect status to_equal 201
- !expect to_equal

Run the CLI

Once you have a test, all you have to do is run the CLI and it will find and run it:

$ capter test

Compose advanced requests

Create advanced API request flows using previous payloads and external data.

Composing requests

name: users
- name: create user
id: user
url: POST ${{ env.URL }}

- name: delete user
url: DELETE ${{ env.URL }}
id: ${{ }}
- !expect status to_equal 204

But wait... There's more!

Features Overview

Install anywhere

Install Capter using your favorite package manager.

Run anywhere

Capter runs on Linux, OSX and Windows, both locally and in CI.


The Capter test runner is incredibly fast.

Works with your stack

Capter works regardless of what language or framework you are using.


Test your GraphQL API with ease.

Easy debugging

Inspect failing requests and their responses.

The Capter App

Set up alerts for when tests fails, and then debug them with ease.

Integrate with GitHub and catch errors before they hit production.

Capter App

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