Introducing Capter

Test & monitor your API

Capter keeps your product running smoothly. Stop deploying broken code, and be the first to know if something breaks.

Capter is free for individuals.

The Capter CLI

Our open sourced CLI is all you need to start testing with Capter.

It's zero-config and takes less than a minute to setup.

Capter CLI

Write tests in YAML

Capter tests are powered by a simple language everyone in your team can understand.


name: users
- name: create user
url: POST ${{ env.URL }}
- !expect status to_equal 201
- !expect to_equal

Integrate with GitHub

Making sure the tests pass before merge is easy with our GitHub integration.

Capter App

capter-iobotcommented 3 minutes ago report:
ProjectCapter API
Workflows🟢 3 pass 🔴 0 fail
All checks have passed
1 successful check
— Run passed

Create alerts

Get a notification whenever there's a problem with your API.

Capter can be configured to only alert the people responsible for fixing the problems.

Capter App

🚨 money-inc/payment-api failed
7:43 AM, Feb 10, 2021
Failing for:
6 minutes

What makes Capter different

Features Overview

GitHub integration

Get test results directly in your pull requests.

Smarter alerts

Only alert relevant people when an API goes down.


The Capter test runner is incredibly fast.

Works with your stack

Capter works regardless of what language or framework you are using.


Test your GraphQL API with ease.

Easy debugging

Inspect failing requests and their responses.

The Capter App

Set up alerts for when tests fails, and then debug them with ease.

Integrate with GitHub and catch errors before they hit production.

Capter App

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