Capter app

The perfect testing companion

Set up alerts for when tests fails, and then debug them with ease. Integrate with GitHub and catch errors before they hit production.

Integrate with GitHub

Making sure the tests pass before merge is easy with our GitHub integration.

capter-iobotcommented 3 minutes ago report:
ProjectCapter API
Workflows🟢 3 pass 🔴 0 fail
All checks have passed
1 successful check
— Run passed

Create alerts

Get a notification whenever there's a problem with your API.

Capter can be configured to only alert the people responsible for fixing the problems.

🚨 money-inc/payment-api failed
7:43 AM, Feb 10, 2021
Failing for:
6 minutes

The Capter debugger

Debugging has never been easier

The Capter app comes with a beatiful debugger where you can see all your tests laid out in a graph.

But wait... There's more!

Features Overview

GitHub integration

Get test results directly in your pull requests.

Smarter alerts

Only alert relevant people when an API goes down.

Easy debugging

Inspect failing requests and their responses.


Invite your team and work together on issues.

Alerts everywhere

Send alerts to email, Slack, webhooks and more.

Predictable pricing

Free for individuals. Per seat for teams.

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